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Enriching the lives of homebound seniors and their caregivers and inviting our community to join us.

I have always thought the quote should say, “The family that plays together and prays together, stays together.”  Whether you are parents, or grandparents, these two qualities are characteristics worth considering for your family.

Playing together requires you to be present. Playing together teaches that after the game, all the pieces go back in the box and that connection, character, conduct, and communication are what really matter. Live at a distance from your grandkids? Presence can also be felt through facetime or ZOOM with your grands. Take them on your outings with you by playing “Guess where I am?” or “Stump the Grump Word Game” when you call them. Pretty soon they’ll be calling you with the same games! Playing together can help pave the way for deeper conversations later, too. Drive time is another effective way to get into their world and connect.

Praying together requires you to be perceptive.  Praying together teaches us to be sensitive to one’s concerns and then letting them hear you pray over their concern. Praying the blessing of Numbers 6:24-26 over them and or texting them a short prayer are other powerful forms of praying together. Impact and influence happen through our spoken and written prayers for others. Think about which is more powerful; the words, “I’m praying for you” or “Let me pray for you right now,” or “How can I pray for you today?” Prayer teaches our family the importance of giving everything to God because He cares for you.

Leaving a legacy where playing and praying are involved is sure to cultivate memories that will last another lifetime.