“Coins for Koinonia” Save your coins in an old medicine bottle and donate to KSC when full!


per month

Could fund the printing and mailing of 10 KSC Connection newsletters.


per month

Could fund the creation and delivery of 5 Blessing Gifts to home-bound seniors.


per month

Could fund 3 inspirational books to encourage caregivers.

Your donation to KSC is deeply appreciated and stewarded with integrity.  We know there are many good ministries whom you could support.  Thank you for choosing Koinonia Senior Care.


per month

Could fund 1 Legacy Journal to encourage seniors and their caregivers to record precious memories.


per month

Could fund supplement our annual scholarship to one high school senior who displays leadership skills in the area of senior care.


per month


Could help fund our transportation program, “Driving Miss Martha”

Giving isn’t only about making a donation; it’s about making a difference!


Wish List

  • West side ministry center

  • F/T Office Manager & Scheduler

  • P/T Outreach Coordinator

  • P/T Life Enrichment Coordinator

  • Retirement plan for volunteer Executive Director