Koinonia Senior Care

Enriching the lives of homebound seniors and their caregivers and inviting our community to join us.

Christian Fellowship



Equip Volunteers

Christian Fellowship Koinonia of Acts 2:42
Thank you for all the visits, treats and phone calls and delicious pumpkin bread from Nancy. It is appreciated more than you know. Blessings on you and you volunteers.

Joyce, Bill & Ruby

  • KSC IS not home health or home care, but HOME VISITS.  
  • Faith Matters: Devotionals, Sermons on TV or iPad, etc.
  • Music Therapy for the Soul : singing, playing instruments, providing music favorites for daily listening, attending hymn sings
  • Fellowship: conversations to encourage and affirm our senior friends
  • Breaking Bread ministry, whether offering communion or enjoying a meal together
  • Prayer – either with or for our senior friend and what is on their heart

Dearest Friends, Thank you so much for all that you have done and your kind thoughts you’ve brought in to my life. You all have made such a different in my days before now and in this move. You’re dear, dear people and you are pleasing God, I know. I wish health and peace for you.


KSC IS not home health or home care, but HOME VISITS.

We specialize in:

  • * providing socialization,
  • * engaging in spiritual conversations,
  • * enjoying meals together
  • * talking, laughing, singing hymns, etc.
  • * playing games, exercising, taking walks
  • Blessing Gifts deliveries: home-made expressions of encouragement delivered to our senior friends, reminding them that they are loved by God, thought of by others and prayed for by us!
  •  * Legacy Journal reminiscing, entries or recording a Legacy video
  • * taking those who are ambulatory to the zoo, KSC events, and KSC’s monthly Homebound Senior Fellowships
  •  Dog Therapy: occasional visits from those with therapy dogs

Thank you for all you have done for us. I could not have made it through this initial period without your love, concern and most of all your prayers. I am sure I will need your love as time passes on. God bless Jack and I when he put you in our life.

Love, Jack & Jean


Caregivers need a break to be refreshed and renewed, like a tall glass of refreshing water renews the body. That is why we call our Respite Care our Water Break Ministry.

Just like a tall glass of refreshing water renews the body, family caregivers need a break to be refreshed and renewed. KSC offers 2-4 hour respite in your home so you can refresh, make appointments, eat lunch with a friend, attend a Bible study, etc. 
Equipping Enrichment Teams and the Community to Enhance their Serve
KSC’s enrichment team meets monthly to learn and share new activities that will bring a fresh pep in the step of the seniors they serve! 
We invite family caregivers, church care team members, senior community staff, and others who would enjoy support and fresh ideas for reaching out to their seniors with age appropriate and developmentally appropriate activities.    
Currently we meet on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 1:00. Call Christine for more details: 316-209-9028

Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips. 

Proverbs 27:2 (NIV)

Pastor Jeff Isaacs

I would love for everyone to have the heart for senior adults that Koinonia Senior Care has for senior adults. This ministry is a wonderful example, and reminder, for all of us about the importance and value senior adults have in our society, and most importantly in the eye of our God.

There is a reason that grandparents seem to be the most loved family members. They have been the foundation, the constant source of encouragement, wisdom and love to those who call them by the coveted title “grandparent”. They have done so much for their families, for our communities, our world and our churches.

We all have a God-given responsibility to help encourage and care for those who have been the founding builders in our lives. I encourage you to partner with Koinonia Senior Care and help make a difference in the lives of those who have made a difference in all of our lives.

Riverlawn Christian Church



My life would have been so different these past five years if it weren’t for the ministry of Koinonia. Thank you for the many countless ways KSC ministered to my mom, and therefore, me.



Thank you for your kindness, information and assistance at a time when I needed it so very much. Dad and I both think you are a very special person fulfilling a special mission.


Mark and Family

Koinonia Senior Care serves a needy and deserving group of seniors who have often outlived their support or fall victim to lack of support from those who have become “too busy.” Your group’s care for our parents was critical in maintaining their quality of life through love and care…Thanks again for all you do and the Spirit of Christ’s love in your service.



We want to express our appreciation for KSC. It truly is labor of love. I can't tell you what it means to have His light shining in our home each time someone comes. It fills me with the sweet aroma of Christ. Thank you for all your labor as you do so much. the blesing gifts are such a thoughtful personal touch. We loved reading the recent matters of the heart. Our caregivers are such a gift.

Jack & Jean   

Thank you for all you have done for us. I could not have made it through this initial period without your love, concern and most of all your prayers. I am sure I will need your love as time passes on.

God blessed Jack & I when he put you in our life.


Sauder family   

The family would like to thank Koinonia Senior Care for the compassionate assistance Norm received from Christine, Sharlet, Bunnie and Emma. He hired you to be his “cooks” but you became dear friends and your help made it possible for him to live independently in his home.


The support Koinonia has provided is evident by how much calmer and less frustrated she seemed going into this set back. I love how you communicate with the care givers.


The neglect (of seniors) is unintentional but so painful. And preventable. As always, it just takes a small heart change, but those are so difficult to accomplish and maintain. Your reminders and nudges are gentle and positive and needed!

Captivating our community with the character of Christ through compassionate CARE