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I am a fan of Steve Hartman’s weekly feature “On the Road” which airs Fridays on the CBS Evening News.  Hartman brings viewers moving stories from the unique people he encounters and the special places he visits as he travels around the country. With COVID-19, he has been doing online classes, called “Kindness 101,” with his young daughter and co-teacher, Meryl. Hartman creatively and engagingly discusses and shows stories reflecting the traits of kindness, character, honesty, courage, optimism, fortitude, friendship, empathy, purpose, altruism, service, and gratitude. After you watch one, you will not want to stop until you have watched them all! During this time of sheltering, these stories will bring you joy as you witness and celebrate what is good. I am working on a supplemental worksheet with Bible verses that talk about the qualities discussed in this series. It will be on our website soon! Be blessed. Love. Share what is worthy.