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Does God ever “speak” to you in the shower? Well, it happens to me often. It’s almost like it’s holy ground when I step in to that shower! I never know what God is going to “say” to me. Well, today it happened again and I wanted to share it with you. The message was from some words a pastor I listened to online said last Sunday:

“Are we experiencing SOCIAL DISTANCING with COVID-19 because we have been SPIRITUAL DISTANCING from God?”

My shower-time brought those words back to me. I thought about, as a parent, how much ‘social distancing’ from my kids hurts and how thrilled and delighted I am when one of my children call, text, or spend time with me just because they enjoy hanging out with me! Can you relate? There’s nothing better than hearing our kid’s voice or even helping them through a situation, sharing a meal together or just being with them!

God reminded me that, as my heavenly Father, the one who “birthed” me for a relationship with Him, that ‘spiritual distancing’ hurts and how thrilled and delighted He is when I hang out with Him or reach out to Him throughout my day. The blessings of doing so are ones of peace, perspective, and perseverance for the journey.