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I am looking forward to FATHER’S DAY with a renewed passion for the roles of 
my husband, father, father-in-law and heavenly Father. My husband has been a 
very engaged father to our children and is their biggest fan and prayer warrior. My 
father has been my biggest supporter of my family and example of what it means 
to live out “in sickness and in health” with his bride and my mother for 62 years 
now. His outgoing personality and desire to enjoy each day to the fullest are other 
attributes of my father. My father-in-law was the same in his commitment to his 
bride of 67 years before her passing. His love and generosity toward his family and 
his work ethic keep him putterin’ around the house with projects and involved in 
the lives of his children and grandchildren. My heavenly Father has gifted me life 
here and beyond. He has gifted me the Holy Spirit to guide and comfort me. He 
awaits for me throughout each day to reach out to Him for sweet moments of 
connection and acknowledgement of His love, His presence, His will, His final 
authority over evil, and His promise of Heaven for those who choose the truth of 
John 3:16. May I never take any of these relationships for granted, and may I 
celebrate each one, each day, with renewed passion for their roles and influence in 
my life.

Happy Father’s Day, every day, to each of you. With love and admiration, 

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