Koinonia Senior Care

Enriching the lives of homebound seniors and their caregivers and inviting our community to join us.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, as of March 22nd, 2020, KSC in-home visits, Make-and-Take, transportation and Training are postponed until further notice by Christine. KSC is still actively serving from our homes; it just looks a little different:

· We went from “No or Low Contact Precautionary Mode” to No Visits until further notice on Sunday, March 22nd when the virus entered Sedgwick County.  Many of our staff are in the high-risk category. We could also be unaware carriers of the virus before showing symptoms and don’t want to risk spreading it to our more vulnerable seniors.

· We have a “Contact Contest” going on to track and encourage our caregivers to send cards and letters and call.  Stamps and cards will be the prizes awarded to our staff and volunteers.

· We call our seniors to make sure their groceries and toiletries are well-stocked. We also call their family caregivers during this time to encourage them.

· We had a senior call last week asking to be put on our monthly newsletter list as she needs some positive, encouraging, Christian reading material during this time when no visitors can come in.  Someone else in her community had shared a previous newsletter with her.  The newsletter reaches the homes of over 425 families by mail, 300 by email and delivered to several churches each month.

· Our part-time digital marketing director is creating channels on our RightNow Media @ Work page to encourage and invest in our incredible staff and volunteers.

· We are sending bookmarks of encouragement to the staff of several senior communities.

· We are not allowed into our assisted living community for Bible study but our volunteers who lead this study are sending cards of encouragement.

Your continued prayers for this ministry as we creatively minister and protect those most vulnerable are deeply appreciated.  Your gifts are truly making a difference in the lives of others!

Be inspired. Love.  Give. Share what is good.  Christine