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The Skit Guys: Grow your faith, one skit at a time

The Timeless Truth of Christ Ellie Lofaro shares observations of senior saints and encourages us to be full of joyful confidence, no matter what problems we face, and to share the love of God with whoever we meet. Part 1 and Part 2. (Focus on the Family)

Ellie Lofaro’s Observations on Senior Saints (Focus on the Family)

here’s a story of some ladies in their 80’s who were on the highway and were stopped by a policeman for going 40 mph on the highway.  When the officer asked the driver why she was going so slow, she said she was going the speed limit.  The wise officer figured it out and said, “Ma’am, 40 is not the speed limit.  It’s the highway number!”  Then, after looking at the passengers he asked, “Ma’am, why do your passengers look so terrified?” The driver responded, “because we just got off of highway 95!”