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Enriching the lives of homebound seniors and inviting our community to join us.

Koinonia Senior Care VOLUNTEER Opportunities

 Our vision is to be a model community of churches, neighbors, and businesses who bring moments of joy, honor, help and hope to widows and widowers and the aging and their caregivers.


Thank you for considering volunteering with Koinonia Senior Care, Inc.!  We could not exist without our volunteers giving their time, talents, and treasures to God’s work here at KSC.  We try to find unique and creative ways to show our appreciation throughout the year to our faithful, self-sacrificing volunteers!  You are priceless!  Whether our volunteer is a professional, retired, college student, home-school family, business group, home team, small group, Sunday School class, stay-at-home mom, or another compassionate individual seeking to serve our Lord, Koinonia Senior Care offers a variety of unique ways to volunteer.


___ Stamps for mailings, reams of paper, Office Max Gift Cards for printer ink

___ Add KSC to your ministry support for churches/business

___ Monthly donation

___ SPONSOR for our fundraising events

___ Sign up your Dillon’s card to their reward program online and choose KSC as your charity of choice.  We will receive a percentage of all you purchase at Dillons!

___ Sign up KSC as your choice when you shop AMAZON. COM. Just go towww.smile.amazon.com to register Koinonia Senior Care as your charity.  Do ALL your shopping through www.smile.amazon.com for KSC to receive a % of your purchases!

FOR SENIORS - Non-contact needs

Thank you so much for all the food you brought over to us. It was great not to have to think about dinner. Our bruises are fading! Thanks also for bringing the carolers, they brought a lot of cheer…thank you for the pretty poinsettia, too.

Love, Tina & Bette

___ Collect coupons for Incontinent undergarments and pads & Ensure-type drinks

___ Bake meals to be frozen for special deliveries OR meal for 2, once-a-week (Food-Handler’s Class required)

___ Collect/create cookbook (includes senior stories) for eventual printing

___ Support ongoing “Dillons” and “www.smile.amazon.com” fundraisers. (Both generously donate 5% to KSC.  Please contact KSC for specifics!)

___ Donate ministry Gift Card Needs: Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Dillons, Wal-Mart, Office Max, Amazon

___ $10 Car Wash gift cards to give to volunteers who provide transportation for the elderly.

___ Donate financially to cover costs of training materials, Newsletter expenses, books, advertising, insurances, and additional staff

___ Provide office supplies: STAMPS, paper, cardstock, envelopes, #98 Epson Ink cartridges for Artisan printer

___ Assist with Fundraisers & promotions

___ Create our monthly newsletter (content given)

___ Create our monthly email newsletter (content given)

___ Donate MUSIC THERAPY items FOR DEMENTIA CLIENTS: iPod Shuffles (new & used), original CD’s, over-the-ear headphones, iTune cards

___ Contribute to our resource list, those you know are trustworthy individuals/businesses who may be able to help seniors/caregivers: small construction (wheelchair ramps…) Realtor, handy-man repairs, plumber, electrician, estate sales, financial issues…


Purse-size tissues & tissue holder (hand-made), Lip Gloss, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, purse-size pill box, manicure gift set, mini hair brush, comb, toothbrush/paste set, small notepad & pen, notecards wrapped in a ribbon, Specialty chocolates


Lotion, tissues, lip moisturizer, large print word search, pencil, nail file, polish, pick, Christian music CD, book, stationary, stamps, pen, notepad, Mini-guestbook, hand sanitizer, clean fruit, snack items, chocolate, small baskets to put items in…

Individuals, Small group, Home Team /family service projects

___  Fellowship with homebound seniors: play games, watch a movie or sports together, bake together, start a book club or Bible study, have a mini pampering party…

___  Singing telegrams for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas caroling…

___  Rake, mow, snow removal,  garden care…

___  Deliver Blessing Gifts like May Day “baskets”, Valentines goodies, etc. to older adult’s homes

___  Home repair needs

___  Adopt-a-Great Grandparent/Widow

KSC Resources Available to Volunteers

KSC Resources Available to Volunteers


  • KSC Connection – monthly newsletters
  • Blessing Gifts – monthly gift for your senior visits
  • Linda’s Lending Library – encouragement (books, articles, DVDs) for seniors, caregivers, widows, and those grieving
  • Legacy Journals – to record homebound senior stories
  • Keynote Speaker for events
  • Movie Nights viewing guides and DVD loans
  • Training – Monthly volunteer training to give confidence and tips to those who visit
  • Senior Gift Ideas – many of which are made for seniors, by seniors
Personal talents, skills, hobbies projects
___ Photography – take pictures at our special events

___ Video – events & interviews

___ Crafts, sewing, wood-working…These are items to be made for the various activities we provide in homes of our clients.

___ Organizational skills in our KSC office: filing, lending library needs…

Professionals willing to donate time/expertise to KSC
___ Lead an area of your expertise in one of our caregiving training sessions:

OT, PT, MD, RN, LPN, Speech, Counselor, Speech, Spiritual, Leadership

Vehicle safety for seniors, Vehicle safety for transportation providers, CPR

I am willing to lead___________________________________________________

___ Co-lead caregiver support group

___ Build ramps, install grab bars, and other handy-man jobs for senior safety

___ Cosmetologist willing to go into homes to do hair

___ Medicare/Medicaid specialist

___ Restaurant/bookstore/car wash discounts/coupons for seniors and/or volunteers

___ Banquet/meeting catering services for special events

___ Legal Counsel

___  Grant writing services

___  Marketing/Advertising specialist to promote KSC to the community

Special Event and Fundraising Opportunities

This is constantly changing, but may include:

Senior Summit
Santas to Seniors
Estate Sales
Sock Hop
Pancake Feed
Fall Festival Booths
Senior-Made products

Please email and let us know your area of interest and other ideas you may have for a KSC fundraiser.

“The Challenge” to Promote and Practice KSC’s mission where you frequent

___ Spread the challenge at work/church, small groups, SS, from the pulpit

___ Refer caregivers, widows & homebound to our website or newsletter for inspiration & encouragement or to our Blessing Gifts list

___ Add KSC to your employee newsletter

___ Be your church coordinator who works with KSC to meet the needs of your congregation of widows, caregivers and homebound

___ Sign up your Dillon’s card to their reward program online and choose KSC as your charity of choice.  We will receive a percentage of all you purchase at Dillons!

___ Sign up KSC as your choice when you shop AMAZON. COM. Just go to www.smile.amazon.com to register Koinonia Senior Care as your charity.  Do ALL your shopping through www.smile.amazon.com for KSC to receive a % of your purchases!

Volunteer from Home
___ Letter writing

___ Journalist for our newsletter

___ Write a book review on topics of interest to our readers

___ Budding artists (kiddos making picture projects to send to seniors)

___ Pinterest/internet ideas for our ministry

___ Phone-a-Friend: calls to seniors & caregivers (from your home)

___ Prayer Team

___ Coupon clipping

___ Making a meal to take to a senior

You may have another area of volunteerism you would like to share with us as well.  To volunteer, feel free to call us at 316-209-9028 or email us at [email protected]g


We value the character and integrity of our employees and our volunteers.  We also value the safety and protection of the vulnerable population whom we serve.  In order to safeguard both, this ministry has joined Intellicorp in conducting criminal background history checks on the volunteers and employees who have unsupervised contact with the elderly, children or persons with disabilities.

Please talk with this ministry for more information on this process.

Captivating our community with the character of Christ through compassionate CARE.

KSC Team Values:


pink balloon Punctual

orange balloon Personable

yellow balloon Patient


pink balloon Proficient

orange balloon Prepared

yellow balloon Playful