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2021 Annual Report

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I kneel in awe at what God is doing in the lives of seniors, their caregivers, their churches, and our enrichment teams – stories we graciously get to be a part of here at Koinonia Senior Care. Recently I received this note from one of the church enrichment team members who makes monthly home visits:

Dear Christine,
Your church ministry is so powerful and truly directed by the Holy Spirit.  Yesterday I went to visit my lady and she said, “Could you come back more often?” Now, Christine, without your ministry I would not know or realize these needs in our church.  Thank you, thank you for blessing the Lord’s dear people.

2021 Financial Report

Revenue Total:

Expense Total:

2021 Accomplishments

Served 53 different SENIORS


16 In-Home CAREGIVERS provided 1511 VOLUNTEER HOURS and 2387 PAID HOURS


Delivered an average of 45 BLESSING GIFTS each month


 TRANSPORTED 16 different seniors on 158 trips covering 2588 miles


 Received 155 DONATIONS from 75 different DONORS

If you would like more details on the report, we would be glad to send that to you.  Simply contact us with this request and thank you for your interest in our organization!

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