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The Aging Process: Health Changes

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  2. Read pages 23 – 38
    1. Activities for those with Dementia
      1. Dementia Activities on caregiver.com
      2. Dementia Activites on buzzle.com
      3. Art Therapy for Dementia Activities on caregiver.com
    2. While medications and therapy are the prime entities used to fight depression, there are activities to help fight depression.
    3. 10 Ways to Encourage those with Cancer
    4. Kidney & Bladder  Problems
    5. American Red Cross’ Latest Guidelines for CPR
      1. Watch this Hands Only CPR video, it’s 1:09 long.
    6. Oxygen Therapy, Safety in using Oxygen, TRAVELING WITH OXYGEN
      1. Watch this How Do I video about oxygen tanks, it’s 8:21 long.
    7. Pneumonia Prevention & comfort
    8. How to strengthen bones
    9. Tips to help arthritis sufferers
    10. Diabetes:  making smart food choices  “Managing Diabetes in Older Adults”
      1. Watch this Diabetes video, it’s 1:36 long.
  3. The Aging Process: Health Changes Quiz


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