Welcome to the website of Koinonia Senior Care! There are some pages you will find of interest and encouragement to you on our site. This “scavenger hunt” will help you gather information which you may find both practical and inspirational. Enjoy the journey and then send your responses to christine@kscare.org or mail to address at bottom of last page.


  1. Click on → KSC 102 Navigating Our Website
  2. The KSC 102 Navigating Our Website questionnaire will download to your computer in Word format.
  3. Use the website to answer the questions in the KSC 102 Navigating Our Website questionnaire.
  4. You may:
    •  Type your answers onto the questionnaire, save, and e-mail it to us at christine@kscare.org.
    • Or you may print off the questionnaire and mail it to us at the address of Koinonia Senior Care 13303 West MapleSuite 139, PMB #128, Wichita, KS 67235.
    • Or you may print off the questionaire and return it in person to Christine Brisco. 

Captivating our community with the character of Christ through compassionate CARE