Intro to Training

KSC has made training and resources available on our website for not only our volunteers and staff, but for anyone who desires more information on various topics regarding the aging process.  Just click on your selected link in the opportunities drop-down menu to get started!

This 4:40 clip from a Full House episode, “The Volunteer” is a great clip sharing about a teen who volunteered at a nursing home & befriended Eddie, an Alzheimer’s gentleman…

As volunteers & employees of Koinonia Senior Care, we have made it more convenient for you to take some of your training online.  You can find the training modules in the drop-down menu.  There are two levels of training available:

LEVEL 1: for volunteers who will NOT be going into homes or providing transportation. Training for this level consist of #1 and #2 below.  Of course, you can always take the other training modules if you desire, and we encourage you to do so!

LEVEL 2: for volunteers and employees who will be going into homes and/or providing transportation.  Training will consist of all of the following, plus a book report from one of our lending library books, shadowing, and a class on policies and procedures.  Some of the modules are short and others are a little longer, each with a little quiz at the end.  So let’s get started!

  1. KSC Training 101: Who We Are – introduces you to KSC
  2. KSC Training 102: Navigating Our Website – helps you navigate this website so you know where to find things, learn more about KSC,and share that information with others!
  3. The Aging Process: The Senses – is about the 5 senses and how they change as you age.
  4. The Aging Process: Health Changes – helps you understand the health changes seniors face.
  5. Guidelines for Visitations – the basic guidelines for visiting in Hospitals, Homes, and Facilities.
  6. Clipboard Content Quiz (download)
  7. Christian Fellowship Activities & Ideas – TBA
  8. CPR, First Aid, and Good Body Mechanics – TBA
  9. Dying, Death, and Grief – TBA

Shadow visits and policy & procedures classes are provided as needed for individuals throughout the month.  Call Christine for more information at (316)209-9028.

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