What a perfect opportunity to thank you for the privilege of serving Elaine alongside such a wonderful team of friends and family.  Elaine is well-loved by individuals who value her independence, her safety, her health, and her needs for socialization, spiritual growth, and significance in this world. We all want to feel valued and valuable – to be honored and respected – to feel loved.

These same needs apply to caregivers for a loved one.  Caregivers are selfless, sacrificial, and sleepy because of the emotional and physical toll caregiving requires.  Your service does NOT go unnoticed.  Team Elaine recognizes the need to be refreshed and strives to share the joy of serving with others who are like-minded and available.  Continue to pray with me for a few more compassionate members to join Team Elaine.

I am in awe and celebrate how each of you use your gifts to minister to Elaine.  Christine

Technology assistance with internet, cable, phone, tablet, printer, camera, etc. that make communication access easier for everyone

Encouraging spiritual growth and connectedness with prayer, devotions, TV/internet programming, singing hymns, etc.

Attention to home details: ceiling fan, floors, clutter, gutters and cobwebs, odors, outdated foods, cabinet organized, toilets, trash, limbs & trim bushes, seasonal decorations, etc.

Medical and Home-Health Liaison, organizing medications, updating medication list, and med chart checklist, dietician, BM and menu charts, taking to appointment


Engineer domestic needs: groceries, personal toiletries, ac/furnace needs, SMOKE emergency

Life-giving conversations, pep-talks, positive encouragement on her successes, outings

Attention to Elaine details: clean clothes and dry panties, creative displays of hum-drum food, making her bed, respecting things the way she wants them, elegant table displays, etc.

Intentional about communicating so everyone is on the same page – notebook, post-it notes, texts, etc.

Needs appraiser: to get fresh air, to rest, to eat, to exercise, to talk, to call her friends/family, to be silent, to hug, to listen, to sing, to be still…

Enjoy and maintain the friendship and relationship you have with Elaine apart from caregiving