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Errands & Transportation

Christian Fellowship (Koinonia)
Thank you for all the visits, treats and phone calls and delicious pumpkin bread from Nancy. It is appreciated more than you know. Blessings on you and you volunteers.

Joyce, Bill & Ruby

  • Fellowship: games and reminiscing activities
  • Music for the Soul Therapy: singing, playing instruments, providing music favorites for daily listening
  • Dog Therapy: occasional visits from those with therapy dogs
  • Blessing Gifts: home-made expressions of encouragement delivered to our senior friends, reminding them that they are loved by God, thought of by others and prayed for by us!
  • Faith Matters: Devotionals, communion, prayer
  • Senior-to-Senior High School pen pal ministry
  • Breaking Bread ministry (eating out with a senior)
  • Legacy Journal entries or Legacy video sessions

Dearest Friends, Thank you so much for all that you have done and your kind thoughts you’ve brought in to my life. You all have made such a different in my days before now and in this move. You’re dear, dear people and you are pleasing God, I know. I wish health and peace for you.

Fondly, Donna

  • Reference and companion to find community services
  • Grocery purchasing and delivery
  • Meal preparation and delivery
  • Outdoor yard care
  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Packing for a trip or a move
  • Medication reminders

Thank you for all you have done for us. I could not have made it through this initial period without your love, concern and most of all your prayers. I am sure I will need your love as time passes on. God bless Jack and I when he put you in our life.

Love, Jack & Jean


Caregivers need a break to be refreshed and renewed, like a tall glass of refreshing water renews the body. That is why we call our Respite Care our Water Break Ministry.

Errands and Transportation

As part of our faith-based mission to enrich the lives of homebound seniors, KSC offers affordable, dependable, friendly, and safe transportation for our KSC In-Home Care senior friends.  There will be a time for each of us when the risks of driving outweigh the benefits.  Safety for our seniors and for others on the road is a serious mater.  As a community we must offer high-risk seniors transportation options that make being chauffeured a more appealing and preferred alternative while keeping them connected to our community.  At KSC we believe it’s the journey, not just the destination that matters.  For KSC’s senior passengers, it means going the extra mile by:

  • * offering to take notes in their medical appointment
  • * giving them a bottled water to help keep them hydrated
  • * texting their family member to let them know they have safely arrived at their destination and/or back home
  • * surprising them with a flower or a Blessing Gift
  • * calling them on their birthday
  • * praying for them and the situations they share

The car conversations and the friendships formed are special.  Our senior passengers receive supportive door-through-door service and are treated with honor and respect.  The drivers are blessed knowing they have made a difference in someone’s life with simple acts of kindness in Jesus’ name.

Currently we are limited to our KSC In-Home Care seniors.  Occasionally we transport additional west side homebound seniors to appointments. This depends on if volunteer drivers are available.  Donations to the ministry are accepted for transportation appreciation.  For more information or to become a volunteer driver, contact KSC at 316-209-9028.

NOTE: We are looking to add a wheelchair accessible van to accommodate those seniors who are not ambulatory.  When funds are collected to purchase this specialized van, we will update this information!




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