It’s a Wonderful Life

Designer: Janet Waters

“It’s a Wonderful Life”

John and I met in college in the mid 1980’s at a Baptist Collegiate movie night on campus and “It’s a Wonderful Life” was the movie we watched.  I had no idea we would eventually start dating and now we have been married 33 years.  God has truly blessed us with a wonderful life together.  It’s not been perfect and we have journeyed together through a lot – including John having cancer.  God chose to heal John and we are grateful.  God also graciously allowed us to be parents of 3 amazing children after being told we could never have any. We also have an incredible son in law what made us the 6H20s.   Christmas has always been a season of HOPE for the 6H20s. We treasure our time together at Christmas and coordinate schedules to carve out time together as a family, even though it requires travel since we all don’t live in the same state anymore.   We are truly an imperfect family loved perfectly by God daily. We can honestly say with much JOY that we do indeed have a wonderful life!

Janet Tyler Waters


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