Saturday afternoon, Sept 28, 2018 the girls and I were finishing up the shed painting project.  The girls had gone in and I had a little top trim to finish up when the ladder suddenly leaned one way and I went the other, plummeting to the ground.  Fast-forward the details and I have 2 broken vertebrae and a lot of pain to show for my efforts.  I have six weeks to three months to wear a brace, follow restrictions and live life in the slow lane.  In the slow lane, God is teaching me many things – two of which many of our seniors face: being on the receiving end of kindness and humbly accepting help from others. Thank you to all friends, staff and family who have prayed, visited, called, sent texts, cards, flowers, meals and filled in the gaps of my schedule for me.  A big shout-out to Dawn, my assistant who has been keeping KSC on task and then some!  You all ROCK!

As I mentioned to a friend, this pain and being “still” is tough for this Martha-girl, but I always wanted to be more of a Mary-girl and I certainly have my chance!  My time with the Lord has already been spiritually healing as He strengthens my soul for this long journey.  During this rest and stillness is when KSC will host its 2nd annual drive-through “Old Fashioned Christmas Tour.”  We will move forward with this event because God is the one who talked me into doing this and I can’t let circumstances talk me out of it!  This is when God shines brightest anyhow!  When something seems impossible, God shows up! So if you’d like to be a part of what God is doing through this event, give me a call and we will find a place for you to serve. 316-209-9028  #stayoffladders

Christmas Tour 2018