End of Life Encouragement for the Christian

Ann:  Yesterday afternoon I called the Smiths.  Jack told me Jill was having a tough time and the nurse was on the way to help.  I asked if I could help or get them anything otherwise I would hang up and pray for her.  He said if I would pray that would be wonderful.  And I asked him to tell Jill I send my love which he said he would do.  I had just watched Ravi Zacharias’ memorial service and his daughter said hospice said telling loved ones you love them and surrounding them at the end of their life helps them as the body tries to live yet is worn out.  My question is what would you suggest I do to show our love and support at this point.  I am praying Hebrews 4:16, Psalm 40:17, Psalm 34:7 over her.  Should I call, take some fresh fruit, ow what have you learned to do at these times?

Christine:  I have dropped off a CD player with beautiful hymns that could play with their loved one. I recently bought a Bill Gaither CD for a lady and I was amazed at how many songs were talking about anxiously awaiting heaven!

You could put a note with that letting them know you’re praying for them and include those precious Scriptures on individual index cards for them.

Is there other family there?  Perhaps Betty could make a breakfast casserole to take in along with your fruit.

Surround the family with love and contacts but also giving them space – just like you are doing. And being there afterwards by frequently “checking in” will be very important. Just some thoughts…

Ann:  Thank you for your suggestions for showing the love of Jesus to Jack and Jill.  I called to see if it was a good time.  They said yes.  So I took a container of fresh watermelon, CD, player, and verses that I am praying for them.  It seemed just the perfect thing to do.  So thank you so much!

Christine:  What a blessing as you sensed God’s Holy nudge to be the hands and feet of Jesus, helping to usher Jill in to Heaven’s gates and to give Jack hope, encouragement and nourishment!

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