Grandparents make a difference in the lives of their grandchildren with the potential to leave a strong and lasting legacy through their love, commitment and involvement as grandparents.  Koinonia Senior Care was founded upon the relationship we shared with our grandparents.  In honor of Grandparents Day, I want to share a story from a friend who recently lost his grandmother.  “Today my family and I mourn the passing of my Grandmother from this earthly life, but also celebrate the blessing she ahs been to so many.  I love my own mom’s tribute to her in poem. As a grandson my perspective also recalls so many wonderful times.  I remember her teaching me to whistle, to blow bubbles, shuck corn, and shell peas.  A $2 bill as payment for picking up pecans, pine cones, or mowing the lawn…more appreciated than $5 because of the special effort she went through to give something less common.  She encouraged me to water-ski, fish, swim, and explore at the river and in the country.  I remember picking up her Bible to see what she’d read or written in the margins…and reading Guidpost magazines at her house.  And how few can say that their grandparents would go on “double dates” with them!  As my wife reflected earlier this week…bringing their boat down the intracoastal waterway and cramming into Susan’s compact car to go to Charleston area restaurants for dinners.  She recognized our love and inspired us to commit to one another as she and my Granddaddy did to one another.  She will be so missed.  I love you Grandmother.”